We open our bodega’s doors

Wine Making

The bodega is divided into two wine-making areas.

In the first, grapes are unloaded from trailers into temperature-controlled stainless-steel tanks equipped with automatic pumping-over and emptying systems. Cold maceration of grapes and must in these tanks extracts aromas and colour. The wine is de-vatted and pressed 18 to 24 days later. This section has a wine-making capacity of 1.4 million kilos.


The second area contains fourteen vats, half French and half American oak, and two of stainless-steel. Grapes are picked in crates, passed down a conveyor-belt for selection, cleaned and destemmed, before their transfer into the vats. Alcoholic fermentation is more traditional, since the most important technology at this stage is the know-how possessed by our winemaker and our staff. Pumping-over and de-vatting follows the methods of our forefathers, the best way to get wonderful results for our special wines

You can witness this by visiting our bodega. an unforgettable experience that will linger deep in your memory. Not unlike our wines.

Ageing in oak

Once our red wines have undergone malolactic fermentation, either in stainless-steel, oak or in the barrel itself, their ageing begins.

Our breathtaking ageing room holds around 8000 oak barrels (90% American oak and 10% French). These are stacked on top of each other in the traditional manner, five high on four barrel-cradles.

An essential job: Artisanal racking by hand

In winter, it starts with racking, which cleans the first wine. The process involves moving the wine content from one cask to another. This is carried out entirely by gravity, without using pumps.

As a result, the wine filters naturally, as the sediment is left behind, and aerates in the process, permitting the wine to breathe as it were.