A feel for a hundred years of history

It all started in 1895.

Bodegas Martínez Lacuesta was founded in 1895 in Haro, with financing from within the town, by Félix Martínez Lacuesta (b 1873, Haro d 1922). He was a winemaker, a lawyer, a politician, a marketing man, and the first president of the National Association of Wine-growers and Wine-producers, as well as of the Rioja Wine Union.  In addition he represented bodega owners in the setting-up of the Regulatory Body of the Rioja D.O.

The old bodega (1902-2009)

Ventilla 71 one of our wines, commemorates the street which hosted our bodega for 107 years. The interior with its characteristic wooden crossbars continued to cherish our wines until 2009 – by the garden where Don Félix’s statue once stood.

Emiliano Martínez Lacuesta’s American Odyssey (1906-1910)

Emiliano Martínez Lacuesta travelled the length and breadth of the Americas to open up new markets there, crossing the Andes with a mule which carried his samples. He was accompanied by a sherry salesman from Jerez and an organ salesman from Órganos de Eibar. His trip led to his wines being listed by shops and restaurants in Mexico, the USA and another 30 countries.

Madrid Branch

In 1904, the first branch of the bodega was opened in Madrid, at number 18 Carmen Street, in the heart of the city. From there Martínez Lacuesta supplied the royal family on numerous occasions and it was the sales office for both the domestic and American markets.

Publicity with wine flavour

The style and glamour of the Martínez Lacuesta imagery constitutes a uniquely recognisable heritage among the century-year old wineries of La Rioja. The Lacuesta vermouth, with eight decades of history, maintains this highly individual and inimitable image.